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You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas. ~Davy Crockett



Davy Crockett is on of my favorite Tennesseeans.  I feel like it’s appropriate that Audrey and I are such good friends and we live in Texas and Tennessee respectively.  If you don’t know the history of how these two states are connected, you should check out a history book.  Maybe we’ll do a Petey history lesson some day.  Until then, just know that Audrey and I have a friendship that was literally hundreds of years in the making.

Audrey and I had so much fun last weekend and we wanted to share some of our favorite parts with y’all. Audrey already shared a little about preparing for my arrival, and I can truly say I feel extremely at home whenever I visit the McCartys, so now, I want to share my top 5 favorite things from last weekend in Fort Worth, TX.

5. Rosa’s Tortilla Factory: Rosa’s is one of the reasons I want to move to Texas. Think really fresh, really good Mexican food…that is fast…and has a drive thru. This is NOTHING like Taco Bell. For starters, their handmade, fresh tortillas are the best you will ever eat (saved one for my Sunday cheat day), and their chips and queso are delicious. I would walk to Texas to eat at Rosa’s.




 4. Sundance Square/Bird Café: Downtown Fort Worth is uber cool. It’s the perfect mix of big city buildings and western Texas cool. Sundance Square is an amazing place to sit and have a drink and enjoy all the goings on around you in front of the fountain. There are several restaurants on the square if you want to enjoy some food while you take in downtown. One of the restaurants situated on Sundance Square is Bird Café. It has a very cool vibe and the menu is mostly small plates for sharing. Audrey and I had several small plates: the all night happy hour (house chips with pub cheese and onion dip and mixed nuts), moth balls (a kind of cheese ball in a light gravy), bangers and mash (elk and wild boar sausage over mashed sweet potatoes with spicy mustard…by far the best bangers and mash I’ve ever eaten…and the most creative), and zucchini ribbons. All of the items were creative takes on simple foods and delicious. If you are in Fort Worth, I highly recommend trying Bird Café!




3. Revolver Brewing: About 45 minutes from Fort Worth, near Granbury, TX is Revolver Brewing. On Saturdays from 12-3 pm, you can pay $10 for 4 beers and a tour. There is a great outdoor space for sitting and enjoying the live music…and there is plenty of stuff for kids to do as well. My favorite beer was their seasonal Sidewinder, a southwest pale ale. It was bright and flavorful with a really great finish. If you like Blue Moon, you will also probably love their Blood & Honey, made with blood orange and a local honey. All in all, there really is something for everyone at Revolver.




 2. Four Day Weekend: When Audrey first suggested an improv comedy show, I’ll admit I was skeptical. I’ve watched some that are really dumb. This is not one of those shows. The Four Day Weekend comedy troupe has to be one of Fort Worth’s best kept secrets. The audience helps write and direct the show based on ideas and suggestions written on cards before the show starts that the cast draws randomly and works into their skits. Audrey and I had 3 of ours make it in! This is a totally reasonable show, the ticket was under $22. There is a bar inside that is extremely reasonable too. You could spend easily $30 on a few drinks at a bar where you can’t hear the person next to you, or you can spend $30, have a drink and quite a few laughs. Check out Four Day Weekend at GO!! You won’t regret it!

1. Petey Time: I’d go back to Texas and not do any of the stuff I just listed above if it meant that I got to hang out with one of my best friends. I have been lucky enough to know Audrey for almost 9 years now (is it possible that we are that old?!?!), and I know I can always count on her to shoot straight with me. I also know I can count on her to beat anyone up who hurts me…and I totally believe that she’d do it if I asked. I’m lucky enough to have lots of good friends, and the more I travel, the less I’m able to actually spend time with them. Thank God for cell phones, and Facebook, and Instagram that help us all stay in touch, but none of those replace being able to chill out in your yoga pants and have a glass of wine while watching episode after episode of FRIENDS and giggling over things that no one else in their right mind would find humorous.


So, my favorite thing about going to Texas? Getting to hang out with someone who I know has my back through thick and thin. Here’s to many more trips to Texas…and great friends!!

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