Update from The Peteys…

Hey, y’all. We’ve been talking about this blog for a while now and we got started in January, but it has been a busy (and cold) winter, and all of a sudden it’s spring, and the warm weather has inspired us to get moving again. We have some things we like to talk about more than others. We spend lots of time talking about college football, how awesome it would be if I moved to Texas, sharing clean eating and fitness tips with each other, and generally relating life to a FRIENDS or Mean Girls quote and making each other laugh. We feel like we have a pretty entertaining take on these things and life in general, so that’s where the idea for Kind of a Big Deal came from (see our home page for the story behind “The Peteys” and “KOABD”). So, what can you expect from us now that we are ready to really make a go at this? Travel advice and monthly spotlights on a cool restaurant or travel location and packing tips for a week’s worth of stylish clothes in a small suitcase from Cassie. Clean eating, fitness, and health tips from both of us. Sports…SEC or Big XII Football…pretty much anything Mississippi State (Dan Mullen has the best “I’m pissed at you, don’t talk to me or look at me” face ever) from Cassie and most definitely anything Texas Tech related from Audrey. We both love DIY projects, recipes and crafts from Pinterest, and generally trying anything new. So, you can expect anything and everything related to all of the above. The main thing you should expect is to laugh (we hope), and learn how to live life to the fullest without taking it too seriously. We would love to hear what you want to hear about. Namaste…or whatever.


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