Meet The Peteys – Cassie


I guess I’m the single, free-spirited half of the dynamic duo that is “The Peteys”.  I currently live in Nashville, although, I am using the term “live” in the loosest sense of the word as I am only there, at most, 40% of the time.  I am Tennessee born and raised, but went to college in Mississippi (yes, they have education in Mississippi…).  After grad school, I moved to Nashville where I worked as an inpatient PT, treating mostly pediatrics and patients with neurological disorders.  Currently, I get to travel to hospitals all over the US doing corporate training, so I’m pretty much in love with my life.  Audrey and I have so many randomly hilarious conversations on a regular basis, we decided we should share them with the world.  Sometimes they are completely pointless, but I hope we’ll make you laugh.  Between the two of us, though, both being PTs and making an effort to live relatively healthy, clean lives, we do tend to have some good insight into making life a little better, so I hope you’ll get something beneficial from us too, although, if it’s just a good laugh, sometimes that’s all you need.

What should you know about me?  I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  I am southern to the core and Christian because I’m imperfect.  My mom says I am too independent for my own good.  My friends would tell you I can be a little bit dramatic.  There are few things I love more than watching college football (most likely SEC or Big XII) on a perfect fall day or being at a Major League Baseball park on a hot summer afternoon.  I love the sound of cowbells in Davis Wade Stadium (#HailState).  Running is my own personal form of therapy.  I’m an avid texter, occasional food snob, constant food lover, addicted to shopping, and fluent in sarcasm.  I whole heartedly believe that there is nothing that a little vodka and a whole lot of laughter can’t fix.  I think I broke my mom’s heart a little when I told her that I thought traveling was the love of my life…I’m currently in a long distance relationship with every city in America, including home.

Namaste, bitches.

~Cassie, KOABD


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